SleepAid FAQs

1.What happens if I miss a dose of SleepAid Capsule?

Ans: The herbal ingredients of SleepAid Capsule have cumulative physiological beneficial effects. Missing a dose may break the continuity of the herbal actions. Hence it is recommended that you should not miss a dose of SleepAid Capsule during the course of therapy.

2. What happens if I take overdose of SleepAid Capsule?

3. Can I take SleepAid Capsule for longer duration?

4. Are there any side effects of SleepAid Capsule?

5. Will SleepAid help me if I consume alcohol regularly?

6. In which conditions SleepAid Capsule is useful?

7. Can I take SleepAid Capsule with other medications which I am already using?

8. For minimum how many months, I have to continue the therapy?