SuAyu is an idea and a mission as well, that promises ‘good life’. The chairman of Sahajanand Group of Companies, Surat, Gujarat, India, Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia, an established industrialist, known for bringing cutting-age technology in Diamond Industry Sahajanand Technologies (P) and in the field of Medical Devices, Sahajanand Medical Technologies felt it necessary to bring forth the ancient medical wisdom that lay in the classical text of Ayurveda, to the forefront of modern day medical community through evidences. Thus SuAyu was born in 2001 as an integral part of the group, and as a division of Sahajanand Life Sciences (P) Ltd. with top-class research facilities in India and the USA, supported by a team of best available scientists and scholars in the field.

Backed by our research and trials, we offer high quality products of global medical standards to address the nutritional requirements that bring back the elemental balance as per disease condition in a body.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make SuAyu a household brand that is synonymous with addressing life-style diseases & improving quality of life by bringing nature’s excellence & purity to your doorstep, within your means.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead continued and untiring innovative research upon the classical text of Ayurveda. To provide the best nutritional solution for the life-style diseases, which are presently unmet.


Honesty, transparency & a higher standard of ethics are the core values by which we aim to provide a lifelong service for the utmost satisfaction of every SuAyu stakeholder.

Founder Speak
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Dear Friends,

All over the world, the incidences of so-called life-style diseases are on the rise. And while most of these are unmet by modern day (allopathic) medicine, nearly all are preventable with a holistic and natural system of medicine.

Consequently, in 2001, Sahajanand Life Sciences was set up with an ambition to bring to the world the wealth of Ancient-Indian wisdom of medicine, while applying the terms and proven processes of the allopathic medicine that is well understood & accepted around the world. Our aim was to remain at the core, loyal to a holistic & natural approach by fully utilizing the rich herbal resources found throughout India. With intensive research in India and the US, our scientists and doctors have created a series of medicines capable of addressing a wide range of unmet medical needs, using standard extracts of natural herbs that are systematically purified by the latest technology.

The hallmark of these medicines is that they are completely natural and hence absolutely safe with no side effects. We take pride in our efforts and hard work, especially when we already see them working so well in thousands of people who rely on our products to alleviate their daily pains.

The mission of Sahajanand Life Sciences can be fully encapsulated by the Brand name under which our products are labeled: SuAyu- Su meaning good and Ayu meaning life. And with that all of us here at Sahajanand Life Sciences dedicate our efforts to the SuAyu of all.

Board of Director
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Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia


Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia, basically an engineer, is a Co-founder of Sahajanand Group of Companies and also the Group Chairman The first company that came into being is the Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited in 1989 a pioneer in diamond industry. Subsequently in 1999 Sahajanand Medical Technologies Private Limited was founded. He is the visionary leader who provides strategic guidance to the Group.
Having developed an entire range of solutions for diamond, medical equipment’s viz. cardiovascular stents and other industrial equipment for more than 20 years, Mr. Kotadia concentrated on evidence based herbal products first time in India and established Sahajanand Life Sciences Private Limited in 2001.The focus was on scientific research upon the age old medical system of Ayurveda and its practical applications in life.

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Mr. Bhargav Kotadia

Executive director

Mr. Bhargav Kotadia is the Executive director, Sahajanand Group of Companies. His association with Sahajanand began in 2011 when he joined Sahajanand Life Sciences, a Sahajanand Group company as the Director with the responsibility of business development operations in North America and South East Asia and marketing operations globally.
In his career span, he has experienced a range of senior management positions managing projects and corporate development in the mid-size companies in the healthcare as well as high tech capital machinery industries. Mr. Bhargav pursued a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the Purdue University, US prior to joining the Sahajanand Group.

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Mr. Dhirajkumar Vasoya

Managing Director

Mr. Dhirajkumar Vasoya, a seasoned business developer and entrepreneur, is the Managing Director of SLS , He is also the Managing Director in the Sahajanand Group of Companies and also a co-founder of the Group.
He has years of extensive experience in business development and the executive–level management with background that includes industrial solutions along with a broad based understanding of intellectual, cultural and spiritual value systems. He is a highly active member of the board, under whom the Group experienced an incredible global growth. He is a leading businessman and represents the board of several companies with wide exposure in development of various businesses.
As MD, he brings along with him years of management know-how as well as leadership, methods and systems so essential to grow and achieve targeted goals, without losing the focus on human face of the Administration

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Mr. Harivadan J. Pandya


Harivadan J. Pandya is a member of Board of Directors at Sahajanand Group. He is associated with Sahajanand Group since 2002 and had provided his services to the group in the Financial Controller and CFO positions with various Sahajanand Group of Companies. Harivadan brings 18 years of senior leadership experience in finance, accounting, management accounting and corporate strategy. He also has a background in management consulting and auditing. He has an international exposure in medical devices, information technology and electronic discovery industries ranging from start-ups to well-established companies.
Harivadan is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Associate Cost and Management Accountant of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and a non-practising member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Harivadan has a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Accounting and Auditing from Gujarat University.

Our Management Team
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Mr. Jayanti Vaghasia


Mr. Jayanti Vaghasia the current CEO of SLS is a person gifted with natural leadership. From a humble beginning, with a finance background, he rose to prominence in the Company within no time by dint of single-minded dedication, application and commitment to the cause of the organisation and the group.
He joined the Group at Sahajanand Technologies (P) Ltd as an Accounts Officer in 1994.Even before that he spent a couple of years in other non-descript companies, including one in diamond Industry. This multi facet experience gave him the exposure to the basic realities of business at grass-root level in this part of the country, and also made him a man of pragmatic approach. His uncanny ability of problem solving and an eye for detail now famous in the group owe a bit to this background.
At STPL he started learning the job as also growing with the company at a remarkable pace, and by 2007, rose to the position of VP Finance, In fact in this position, he was overseeing the finance of the entire group and also contributing meaningfully in many other ways. Subsequently, in 2009, he joined SMT as a Director, where again he did remarkably well as a leader.
And finally, with this rich experience, he took up the challenge of SLS in April 2013. The impact is palpable, and the Company is poised for further growth rapidly with a host of new proposals and approaches.

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Dr. Dipak Patel

Head, R&D

Dr. Dipak Patel, Head of Research Process Management, holds a doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has also been awarded with a diploma in Drug Design and Patenting. He has over 8 years of experience in development and conceptualization of new drugs / formulations.
He had completed several research projects in experimental pharmacology by developing conceptualized preclinical models and human research. He provides the required push to research process with his strong research experience and analytical skill at the highest level. He also is adept in technology transfer which is one of his core strength. He has several publications in peer-reviewed journals.

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Dr. Nirav Joshi

Medical Adviser

Dr. Nirav Joshi is our Medical Adviser for the last 3 years, and leads our medical & pharmaceutical activities.
He did his graduation in Ayurveda (BAMS) from the Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore with a silver medal. He holds a post graduate diploma in clinical trial management from ICRI Ahmedabad. He has substantial exposure to allopathic critical care at Mahavir Heart Institute for more than 5 years.
Dr. Joshi has devoted himself to Alternative Health Care, and is an expert medical practitioner in Ayurveda, and specialized in Panchakarma. He has extensive knowledge in Yoga too, and has conducted numerous workshops, and clinical trials. He delivered lectures in various national conferences on Ayurveda and holistic healthcare.
Dr. Joshi offers effective consultation in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and holistic preventive healthcare. He has to his credit a series of successful medical management of unmet medical conditions.