CholestAid Capsules

CholestAid Capsules

For Cholesterol Control

85% of 100
Pack Size : 30 Capsules

SuAyu has brought CholestAid capsules which help control and balance healthy cholesterols level. CholestAid is researched and formulated to benefit people with high cholesterol. This clinically tested synergistic blend of ayurvedic capsules helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL and Triglyceride) in the body and maintains it at a healthy level. CholestAid, a formulation fortified with herbs like Methi, Suddha Guggul, Haldi which are clinically proven potent to balance Cholesterol. CholestAid also improves level of good cholesterol (HDL).

Key Benefits
  • Improves good cholesterol by promoting
    the body’s natural metabolism

  • Reduce the risks of cardiovascular complications

  • Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and Triglyceride (TG)

  • Promotes production of good cholesterol (HDL)

  • Supports the body’s natural metabolic processes

Key Ingredients

CholestAid Capsule is a proprietary, strategic and synergistic blend of “standardized herbal extracts” which are largely derived from the time tested Indian System of Medicine “Ayurveda” and validated by modern scientific methods. These herbs are tested for heavy metals, steroids and pesticides hence very safe and effective.

Shuddha Guggul

Shuddha Guggul helps manage healthy cholesterol and shows immuno-modulatory and anti-oxidant activity.


Haldi is one of the most renowned herbs in Ayurveda. It decreases overall cholesterol levels by its anti-oxidant and immuno modulatory properties.


Methi blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the body. It also helps in managing high blood sugar levels, improves metabolism and helps in better digestion.


Adrak significantly reduces LDL cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels. It helps in boosting metabolism and improves digestion.


Tulsi has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It helps in lowering LDL cholesterol levels and shows increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels.


Arjuna helps in improving cardiac health. It decreases total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It regulates normal blood pressure and improves overall strength and stamina.

Direction for use

2 Capsules 2 times a day for 3 months or as directed by the physician.

At Morning

2 Capsules

At Noon
At evening

2 Capsules

To be stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

Do not use if seal is broken

Keep out of reach of children
Tighten the container after use

Consult your physician/healthcare professional if you are pregnant or a nursing mother

Tips to Control Cholesterol
Stop smoking & Lose excess weight.
Eat heart-healthy foods, including foods rich in soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Limit your consumption of foods high in saturated fats.
Eliminate trans fats from your diet & take steps to reduce stress.
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CholestAid FAQs

1. What happens if I miss a dose of CholestAid capsules?

Ans: The herbal ingredients of CholestAid capsules have cumulative physiological beneficial effects. Missing a dose may break the continuity of the herbal actions. Hence it is recommended that you should not miss a dose of CholestAid capsules during the course of therapy.

2. What happens if I take overdose of CholestAid capsules?

3. Can I take CholestAid capsules for longer duration?

4. Are there any side effects of CholestAid capsules?

5. In which conditions CholestAid capsules is useful?

6. Can I take CholestAid capsules with other medications which I am already using?

7. For minimum how many months, I have to continue the therapy?

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