Brahmi Tablets

Brahmi Tablets

Memory Support

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Pack Size : 60 Tablets

Brahmi tablets of SuAyu possess marvellous benefits of improving brain functioning and strengthens memory. Brahmi is a therapeutic herb commonly used as memory enhancer, aphrodisiac and a tonic to reduce stress and anxiety. Brahmi has a natural cooling property which keeps mind calm and stress free therefore promoting sound sleep. Brahmi has positive impact on hippocampus region of brain which improves concentration, intelligence and memory. Brahmi improves working memory, mental-agility and learning ability in young adults, students, working professionals and elderly as well. This herb is also helpful in preventing age-associated memory problems in middle aged and elder people.

Key Benefits
  • Brahmi reduces stress and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels (stress hormone).

  • It calms the mind, promotes clarity of thought and helps in strengthening memory.

  • It promotes sound sleep.

  • Brahmi is very good in Alzheimer’s disease as it reduces production of chemicals that damages neuron in brain.

  • Brahmi is a potent Antioxidant and it offers neuro-protection by scavenging off free radicals from nervous system.

  • Improves production of certain brain chemicals that are responsible for thinking, learning, memory, thus improving cognitive functions of brain.

Direction for use

2 Tablets 2 times a day or as directed by the physician.
To be stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

At morning

2 Tablets

At evening

2 Tablets

Do not use if seal is broken

Keep out of reach of children
Tighten the container after use

Consult your physician/healthcare professional if you are pregnant or a nursing mother

Brahmi FAQs

1. What happens if I miss a dose of Brahmi tablets?

Ans: The herb Brahmi tablets have cumulative physiological beneficial effects. Missing a dose may break the continuity of the herbal actions. Hence it is recommended that you should not miss a dose of Brahmi tablets during the course of therapy.

2. What happens if I take overdose of Brahmi tablets?

3. Can I take Brahmi tablets for longer duration?

4. Are there any side effects of Brahmi tablets?

5. In which conditions Brahmi tablets is useful?

6. Can I take Brahmi tablets with other medications which I am already using?

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